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Have we Lost the Art of Agreeing to Disagree

With 2017 sprinting to a close and the festive season rapidly upon us, I was reflecting on the year that’s almost over. We’ve seen some huge changes both here and abroad, some really positive and some just scary. Some of the good stuff happened right here at home, like the marriage equality YES vote and […]

Corporate Succession Planning – Planning for the Next Generation

More often than not, succession planning is a reactive activity undertaken when there is a transition of staff and/or leadership role changes within an organisation or business. Personally, with a background in leading and managing teams, I often found it difficult finding the time to reflect on my role and how I would go about […]

Organisational Agility in the Age of Disruption

We all understand that, for organisations to be competitive in today’s marketplace, they need to be able to manage disruptive change, the type of change that requires the ability to suddenly shift strategy and composition. Ironically, to keep pace with this type of change, it needs to become a core element of business as usual […]

The Digital Customer Experience – where is it going and how do we get there?

Customer experience, like technology has evolved considerably throughout the years. Some may recall a time when communication channels were limited to phone calls, snail mail and face-to-face interaction. With incredible technological advancements, particularly in mobile technology; customer engagement now comes in many different forms, most of which can be experienced from your lounge room. Digital […]

The Disneyland Change Experience

As with many of you I took time away with my family over the Christmas break. This break was a little different for us though, it involved a meticulously planned trip to sunny California to take in the many theme parks available there. Obviously a trip of a lifetime for any young family and my […]

A Fairytale inspired by a salty dog

One of the most interesting parts of the fairytale finish for this year’s AFL Premiers, the Western Bulldogs, is the central role played by the Children’s book, “Salty Dogs”. As described by Luke Beveridge, the General Manager of Football had given him a copy of the book and he was surprised at how the book […]

Timing, style and bang for buck – what Mike taught me about shaping work for success

Just over a decade ago (while on a sabbatical) I was as a enjoying my time as a personal trainer in Vancouver, working one-on-one with some sensational people, building their strength and helping them achieve their physical goals. It was great fun and very rewarding. I often reflect back on that time and consider what […]

How to kill a project in five easy steps

Much of my consulting career has involved the development and management of projects for clients. These projects were mostly involving the transformation of workforce capability, introduction of shared services, organizational design or workforce design, off the back of large IT infrastructure changes. Projects, when conceived by many clients, provide a way to introduce a new […]

How to move fast when it all hits the fan – learnings from the Census derailment

There will not be a more visible communications challenge than the August 9 Census website crash. You have to feel for the ABS team. After their leaders had assured the nation they could handle the traffic, “a series of attacks” disabled the site and instantly earned the census a spotlighted seat in the gaze of […]

Legitimising HR in business

Whilst some organisations are seeing the strategic value of the HR function, in many others it remains a personnel administration and ‘issues management’ function, leading to the notion that anyone can do HR. Business has discovered that should the Human Resource or people function fail to “fire” it creates a never ending list of issues […]

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