National workshop series delivers transformational cultural change

National workshop series delivers transformational cultural change


Challenge: After a period of significant organisational change, our team was engaged by this strategic intelligence organisation to facilitate a series of workshops with teams around the country. The purpose of the workshops was to assess the current state and progress of transition (12 months after establishment of the new organisation), design the future state and work with teams to realise cultural change and business improvement objectives.

Solution: We used a range of facilitation techniques, including DiSC behavioural styles profiling to build emotional intelligence and enhance team dynamics, as well as provide an environment for all team members to contribute to business improvement and apply innovative thinking to design of the future state. Working together, each team designed their future state culture and developed supporting behaviours as well as action plans to realise cultural change.

Result: The workshops were very successful with production of a range of innovative, but practical action plans and business cases, which have been approved and are currently being implemented by each state.