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Organisational Agility in the Age of Disruption

We all understand that, for organisations to be competitive in today’s marketplace, they need to be able to manage disruptive change, the type of change that requires the ability to suddenly shift strategy and composition. Ironically, to keep pace with this type of change, it needs to become a core element of business as usual […]

Stockwell Bretton and Queensland Rail win National and Regional Project of the year at AIPM 2016

Queensland Rail, supported by Stockwell Bretton, have taken out the National and Regional Project of the Year awards at this week’s Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) 2016 Conference. As part of the 2016 AIPM Conference, a Gala Awards night recognised a range project management achievements, culminating in the National and Regional Project of the […]

A Fairytale inspired by a salty dog

One of the most interesting parts of the fairytale finish for this year’s AFL Premiers, the Western Bulldogs, is the central role played by the Children’s book, “Salty Dogs”. As described by Luke Beveridge, the General Manager of Football had given him a copy of the book and he was surprised at how the book […]

Organisational Performance – The mindset is missing the point

Society today is caught up in a technological storm, a front which is quickly bringing people more closely together daily and enabling the cross pollination of idea’s and values. This is driven through the use of social media, shared media and news, automated processes and in many ways a growing social conscience which widens an […]

How to Influence Corporate Culture to Improve Performance

My view on the link between Corporate Culture and Performance Darlene Quirk is one of our youngest consultants and she is writing a set of articles that profile her view on the areas that we work in every day. With a fresh perspective and an eye for opportunity, Darlene’s articles will provide valuable reading for […]

Moving to the head of the pack – a reflection on my transition to leadership

Managing staff is one thing but how do you guide a team of potential leaders? How do you identify who they are professionally and personally, and what skills are needed to help them realise their potential? When I made the transition from being a “doer” within the workplace to leading teams, the question I found […]

Stuck in the middle with you – how middle managers can handle heavy traffic and changing scenarios

About a decade ago, the finance company I was working for commissioned an audit that looked at how much email each layer of leadership received and how they engaged with it. The research sought to understand how well communications channels worked and how effective the preferred “cascade” model of leadership communications was working. The results […]

Avoiding the Workplace Supernova – how to grow and look after your talent

So you have a Star Employee within your organisation, that workplace unicorn so rare and talented that others cannot fathom that they truly exist. Not only does this Star carry exceptionally high workloads, they deliver outstanding outcomes and seem to have an innate drive to truly help your business grow; all the while maintaining a […]

Managing resistance during organisational change

One of the most common questions people ask me about managing change is “how do you manage resistance?” This is an interesting question, because it’s such a subjective issue and one person’s version of resistance can vary greatly from another person’s view of reasonable debate and conjecture. The first thing I ask people to do […]

Cocoon Management- worse than any new age micromanagement

Recent experience has shown me that there is a form of management that even outstrips the ignominy of micro management. We have all heard it, perhaps even experienced it ourselves, the dreaded constant presence of a manager or supervisor, breathing over the shoulder of the over worked and oppressed employee. They do so in the […]

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