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The power of experiences and how they can improve your business planning

It is so easy for a business plan, or a strategic plan to become disconnected from the people that put it into action and who ultimately provide the outputs that it is measured by. This may occur through their lack of involvement or input, or the challenge they have in seeing how it is applicable […]

Survival of the fittest: transforming digital capability

Herbert Spencer first used the phrase ‘survival of the fittest’ after reading Darwin’s ‘Principles of Biology’ and reflecting that the principles also applied his area of expertise, economics. Darwin liked the phrase so much, he used it in the 5th edition of the Principles to describe those ‘better designed for an immediate environment’. So in […]

Completing the loop – how to avoid the guru leader trap

Early in my career I was a member of an executive management team and that group dynamic had some curious characteristics that I have seen at many times across my career. As you would imagine, each team member had responsibility for a significant section of the business and this forum was used to report in […]

Dilution and distraction – how to keep your strategy discussions clean

In the current environment, leaders tend to be well aware of the need to engage their workforce in the strategy created by the organisations leaders. They seek to engage to ensure their teams have the same understanding as them and they can see why their efforts will contribute to its achievement and consequently, how they […]

Teams – Effective or not?

Over the past couple of decades there has been an increasing focus on teams and how critical they are to business success. The sheer amount of management and organisational development literature on this topic is overwhelming, with the majority claiming that teams are sacrosanct – the be all and end all. But are they? Most […]

Avoiding the pitfalls of complex strategy

We have all been part of it, the strategic planning exercises that run across hours, days and even weeks while a strategy and a set of supporting items are established. The energy is high in the early phases of planning and there may even me some excitement around making a difference, setting some exciting targets […]

Organisational leaders – Are they born or made?

Are leadership qualities inherent? Are people born great leaders with natural attributes, or are great leaders developed and shaped over time. I will never forget a debate that started on a leadership development training program where I was facilitating a behavioural styles awareness session. Afterwards, one of the participants posed the provocative question – are […]

Integrated risk management – linking enterprise and project risk management

Within large complex organisations, risk management is often considered at the enterprise level and at times, also at the tactical or project level, but rarely are the two lenses of risk brought together in an integrated way. The reason these lenses are not often brought together is because it is not easy to integrate enterprise […]

Governance – ensuring conformance and delivering performance

When most executives think of governance they think of compliance and risk management. Many are not aware that corporate governance also has a critical role to play in organisational performance and growth. That said, leading directors are active in the pursuit of value creation and are conscious of the broader social and economic value of […]

Founding Organisational Culture – Lessons from Google

When my business partner handed me a book – Insights from Inside Google – WORK RULES and said, “you might find this interesting”, my initial response was…. “A book about Google and technologies I won’t understand, this is going to be a hard slog….” . Imagine my surprise when I realised it was about people […]

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