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The Personality Assessments in recruitment debate – Is Facebook the answer?

Few would argue that assessment and testing has become commonplace in recruitment and selection practices. A quick Google search will identify a thriving marketplace of online assessments which assess skills, learning capability and personality characteristics. With the click of a few buttons, and entering credit card details everyone in your organisation has the perceived power […]

Clear and present leader – the CFO my hero

The rise of distraction There was a time in my career when I noticed a distinct shift in leadership styles within the places I worked. The shift I noticed was fascinating and saddening all at once. For those that can recall work without smart phones, you would know what I am talking about. Before the […]

Your inbox is killing me!

I have often found myself in conversation with colleagues (past and present), friends and family when the topic being discussed turns to an unruly email inbox which never seems to get below 500 (or even 5000) unread emails. I must admit I am constantly flabbergasted at this type of revelation. As I confidently type away […]

Resilience – is it Important? Do we Have it? Can we Learn it?

We’ve been hearing about resilience in the corporate world for some time now and a number of organisations, including the Australian Defence Force (ADF), are putting huge dollars into increasing or enhancing the resilience of their workforce. Resilience for our soldiers and war-fighters is clearly a high priority, but it must also be valuable for […]

Pathway to the championship – Organisational culture and why the x-factors will deliver success

Australian culture has ever been linked to and in many ways defined by its love of all things sport. Sport offers the average punter an opportunity to feel the highs and lows of a successful campaign, the thrill of a huge, sometimes unlikely win to the agony of a hard fought loss. In many ways […]

Office Gossip – a Force for Evil or Good?

For many years as a Change and HR specialist, my experience has been that, more often than not, office gossip can be counter-productive, even harmful, and that if it exists as part of your organisational culture, HR practitioners and managers should work to change that culture. Certainly much of the traditional research and guidance for […]

Performance Management: humanising the approach.  

We have all heard it before: “An organization and its success are reliant upon its people” But how true is this? Is an individual’s performance really key to the success of the larger business? Is an organization truly the sum of all of its parts? Do organizations do enough to effectively manage and measure the […]

The power of experiences and how they can improve your business planning

It is so easy for a business plan, or a strategic plan to become disconnected from the people that put it into action and who ultimately provide the outputs that it is measured by. This may occur through their lack of involvement or input, or the challenge they have in seeing how it is applicable […]

The role of communications in organisational change and transformation

I don’t often make bold statements without first building up to them in an orderly way. But – I am going to cut to the chase here and say that without getting your communications planning sorted and activated, your change or transformation program will fail. Dead in its tracks. Or, worse still, it will continue […]

Demystifying Change Management

What it means and how to get the most out of it One of the best benchmarks I have applied to describing the work I do in Change Management is the ability to explain it to my grandmother – and have her understand it. It’s actually a pretty good benchmark for getting your pitch right […]

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