Strategic HR Roadmap guides transformation of HR service delivery

Strategic HR Roadmap guides transformation of HR service delivery


Challenge: To support a major transformation program, a leading Queensland university engaged Stockwell Bretton to design and develop a Strategic HR Roadmap (2018-2010) and assist the team to develop a detailed business plan for 2018.

Solution: After conducting interviews with key executive stakeholders, our team facilitated a series of workshops with functional HR teams, to identify key business and change drivers, critical HR initiatives, key outcomes, strategies and success criteria.

Based on those outputs, we worked with the HR Executive to draft the 3 year HR Roadmap. The Roadmap considered the strategic, tactical and operational priorities required to support the achievement of university objectives. It included development of a new Vision, Key Result Areas, Objectives, Strategies and Performance Measures.

Once endorsed, the draft Roadmap formed the basis for a business planning workshop with the HR group, which produced ‘project plans on a page’ for high priority initiatives and strategies to operationalise Year 1 of the Strategic Roadmap. Through the workshop series, we guided the team through effective strategic and business planning practice and applied our specialist HR expertise to ensure that the plan was realistic, achievable and would deliver on key business objectives, while reflecting industry best practice.

Result: The Roadmap and business planning workshop established the platform for the HR team to deliver on its commitments and make a meaningful contribution to the achievement of university objectives. The project empowered the teams to identify, prioritise and commit resources to high value activities and commence their journey towards a more effective strategic service delivery model, supported by greater automation of administrative functions.