Business processes review for national health services provider

Business processes review for national health services provider


Challenge: A large health service provider with over 50 health facilities nationally identified the opportunity to provide an enhanced customer experience. Stockwell Bretton were engaged to support performance improvement by delivering standardised best practice approaches for over 20 core health functions.

Solution: Partnering with subject matter experts within the organisation Stockwell Bretton reviewed practices across multiple facilities nationally. Consolidating this information into a high level process map, one for each service provided. We then conducted business analysis and improvement workshops that brought together administrative and clinical governance staff, managers and health professionals to confirm the mapped processes and identify efficiencies that would streamline the process. Stockwell Bretton mapped the redesigned processes and created operating procedures to support each service pathway. The best practice processes and supporting instructions were consulted with stakeholders and submitted for endorsement. The processes endorsed for national implementation.

Result: Through implementing the processes within all health facilities nationally the agency achieved service delivery standardisation. The redesigned processes supported staff in delivering services more efficiently within a resource constrained environment whilst also achieving improved clinical governance. The processes ensuring adherence to policy requirements. Customer satisfaction increased as they now had access to consistent care across all facilities. Implementation also aided the upskilling of staff, defined processes and supporting instructions providing the opportunity for staff to cross-skill within different areas of the health facility.